MeTime Massage & Bodywork Essentials
Everyone, deserves some ME time!



Thank you for choosing MeTime Massage & Bodywork Essentials. We are proud to help you take the time you need day to day to relax,rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and soul. At a price that you can do on a regular basis. Please note that you deserve every chance to restore your inner peace and enjoy the quiet of serenity within. So call today and make an appointment. Everyone, deserves some ME time! 

Thank you,
Michell D Simmons
CEO, Licensed Massage Therapist



MeTime Massage is the new market leader in delivering families and individuals from the bondage of pain without the use of medication.  We deliver one-on-one individualized care by teaching to L.I.V.E. with professionals who Listen to clients, Inform clients on the latest and most effective treatment plans, Value our clients’ input and opinions, Encourage positive health corrections because everyone deserves to LIVE a pain and stress free life.
Remember to Prevent negative health habits, Repair any injuries quickly, and Maintain your health with positive relief.